Our Mission

RiverRun Farms is a family run farming operation that focuses on sustainable production practices to produce high quality agricultural products and food for the local market place.

About our farm

Andrew and Julie both grew up on farms and shared the love of farming at an early age. They met while attending the University of Guelph and married in 2000. They bought the farm from Julie’s parents in 2004. The farm has been in Julie’s family for 6 generations (almost 200 years).

They began with 3 beef cows and 12 acres of crops in 2003. By 2015, their farm has grown to over 650 acres of crops including hay, corn, soybeans and wheat, a beef herd of 40 cows and 5 acres of pick your own strawberries.

Their children, Connor and Caroline, are actively involved in the farming operation and can be found most weekends or throughout the summer months helping check the cattle, collecting eggs from their hens or picking strawberries for sale at their roadside stand.

About Mississippi Berries

Mississippi Berries is a subsidiary of RiverRun Farms owned by Andrew and Julie Dawson and family. The close proximity to the Mississippi River in the heart of Lanark County, gives the strawberry operation its name.

Our goal is to provide the best strawberries available and to work hard to satisfy our customers. Each year from approximately mid-June until mid-July each year we have strawberries available for picking or for sale at our roadside stands. For more information about our strawberries please visit http://mississippiberries.ca.