At RiverRun Farms, the well-being of our animals is very important to us. We take great pride in raising our cattle with respect and care in healthy and sustainable.

Our cattle are raised on pasture during the warm weather and during winter months we feed them a diet of farm produced hay and silage. Our animals do not receive growth promoting hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

Our animals are processed with the same dignity and respect with which they are raised. All meat is processed and packaged in Eastern Ontario by those who choose to support local businesses and farms.

Our products

We sell our beef by the half, or quarter or smaller sized packages to provide an amount that is just right for your family. We also sell ground beef by the pound.

Half or Quarter Beef Orders

If you have a large freezer, a half or a quarter of beef is a great value. For most families a side of beef (half) will last about a year and you enjoy the convenience of having plenty of meat on hand when needed.

Beef producers sell beef based on the hanging weight of the beef; meaning the sides of beef are weighed when they are first hung and then allowed to dry-age.  The beef ages for approximately 15-21-days, as the beef cures it loses some of its weight through moisture loss. Once the dry-aging is complete, the beef is butchered into individual cuts with much of the bones and fat removed resulting in a cut weight of around 60-65% of the hanging weight.

beefcuts On average the hanging weight of a side of beef is 350lbs which results in approximately 220lbs of cut beef. A standard cutting order will provide a variety of ground beef, steaks, roasts and stewing beef or you can customize the order to meet your family’s needs.

Once your beef is ready, we will contact you and arrange for pick-up.

Contact us for more information about ordering a half or quarter of beef or to inquire about the smaller beef packages we have available. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ground beef

If ground beef is what you need, we have it available year-round. We sell ground beef in quantities of 10 or more 1lb packages.

Contact us directly for availability.

Our ground beef is also available to purchase in 1lb packages at Foodsmiths in Perth, located at 106 Wilson St. West, Perth, Ontario.