Our strawberry operation is named Mississippi Berries due our close proximity to the Mississippi River in the heart of Lanark County. We currently have 5 acres dedicated to strawberries and our goal is to provide the best fresh, local strawberries to our customers.

Each year, from approximately mid-June until mid-July, strawberries are available for picking or we have pre-picked baskets of strawberries for sale at our roadside stands. We also make and sell strawberry jam using our fresh strawberries.

Each year we plant new strawberry plants to ensure we have new production and varieties available. The transplants arrive in early spring from nurseries in Nova Scotia. For the first year, the plants are cared for and allowed to grow and develop so that they can produce quality berries the following year. We typically choose up to 4 different varieties to plant each year to ensure that we have a selection of maturities to extend the picking season. New plants usually produce berries for three or four years.

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