Services and Products

River Run Farms are producers of corn, soybeans, wheat, beef. We take pride in producing safe and high quality food using sustainable practices. Below is a list of our services and products:

  • Custom Farming – Maintaining a full line of crop and haying equipment allows us to provide custom farming support in our local area.
  • Freezer Beef – We raise our cattle from birth on our own farm feeding them a high quality forage diet. We supply 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef and work with local butcher shops to have it prepared to customer specifications and are open to specialty cuts or orders to meet a customers needs. Our beef is finished at multiple times throughout the year. Contact us for the next available order date.
  • Hay and Straw Sales – Throughout the summer months we strive to produce the highest quality hay and straw to feed our own livestock as well as sell to our customers. We produce round and square bales of both straw and hay for beef, sheep and horse owners.
  • Pedigreed Seed Production – Due to the high attention to detail, our farm has been chosen by local seed processors, as well as large national seed companies to produce seed wheat and Roundup Ready and Conventional soybean seed.

Mississippi Berries

For more information about our strawberries please visit